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Is one of the most interesting centers in Tuscany because of its original castle, developed on an elliptical plan: inside the city centre walls the streets are developed with concentric shape. The buildings built between the thirteenth and eighteenth century, with few exceptions, are well preserved and give the country a very noble appearance, accentuated by the solid forms of the "Rocca" (fifteenth century), and the majestic gothic church of San Francesco.

In the Town Hall, full of frescoes of the Sienese and Arezzo school, there is a small museum, notable for the precious paintings and furnitures.

Lucignano has also an original reliquary, called "The Tree of Life" or "The Love Tree": asplendid example of late gothic Arezzo goldsmithing.

In the last two sundays of May the village offers the traditional "Maggiolata Lucignanese", a parade of floats covered with flowers of every color that recalls a large number of visitors in this small town of the Val Di Chiana.